Bare Essentials

NEW from Pure Paws!

A complete line of Skin Care products made especially for Hairless Chinese Cresteds, Xolos, Peruvian Inca Orchid, American Hairless Terriers and other coatless breeds!

Many hairless breeds suffer from skin problems akin to “human” skin issues.  However, human products are much too harsh to be safely used on our beloved dogs.

Pure Paws, the manufacturer of grooming products used by top dogs around the world, is unveiling a complete line of skin care products made for the unique needs of these amazing hairless breeds. 

Introducing BareEssentials from Pure Paws!

Suggested Instructions for Use: cleanse daily with Bare Essentials Cleanser – place on a sponge or cotton ball and spread over dog's body. Then rinse off with water and a clean sponge or towel. Once or twice a week follow with masque. Apply masque with sponge over areas of the dog's body prone to breakouts (keep away from eyes). Allow to sit for upto two minutes or until dry. Then wipe off with water. Follow by applying toner to the dog's skin using a cotton ball (keep away from eyes). Finish by applying moisturizer where needed. On days when masque is not used, use the exfoliator instead by applying it to a damp spong and applying in a circle motion to the back and outside of legs and chest. Then wash off. Follow by toner and mositurizer.

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