Loyalty Points

Loyalty points are now in effect!

How to accumulate points:

  • Be sure to create an account when you checkout and to login to your account whenever you make a purchase from us. This is essential for banking and accumulating points.
  • Every purchase made at MightyMiteDoggear.com with your account helps you accumulate points! For every dollar you spend online with us, you get a point – $1= 1 point. Accumulate 500 points and earn $5.00 off your next purchase. You can compound those points 1000 points =$10 off your order and so on. No cap on points accumulated.*
  • Sign up for an account on our site (if you don\’t already have one) and automatically earn 25 points!
  • Point awards can be applied at your discretion upon checkout from our website.  (Similar to applying a coupon code)
  • You can apply partial points to any purchase. Choose to use all or just some of your points when you check out.  The remainder will be kept in your bank for future use.
  • Point system only applies to on-line orders using your Mighty Mite Dog Gear account.  Points cannot be accumulated from phone orders nor can discounts from points be used for phone order purchases.
  • Write a review of a product you purchased on our site, automatically earn 25 points (for an example of a product review please check out this one from J Gandara: http://www.mightymitedoggear.com/dog-supplies/mighty_mite_dog_tent

*Total discount on any individual item cannot exceed 25% the product value.

Tracking and using your points:

  • All customers who have created accounts on our site will be able to track their points!
  • Plus these points NEVER expire.
  • Plus, there is no prohibition of combining points with sales and other discounts we offer throughout the year (the only restriction is that total points redeemed on any given sale cannot be more than 25% of the value of the product but you keep your remaining points to be used for a future purchase so nothing is lost). You can bank them and split them as you see fit.
  • PLUS, you even earn points when you make purchases on sale and special promotion items which makes those promoted items even less expensive than similar products promoted elsewhere!

Many companies give discounts to new customers for making their initial purchase, but never reward their returning customers. We thought that should be the other way around.  With this program, it is very easy to rack up points quickly which is ALREADY translating into real savings for our customers.  You get 25 points right out of the gate just by creating an account with us! If you are a regular customer of Mighty Mite, you are truly going to be rewarded by this program.  Many of the everyday items you would purchase elsewhere (for zero points) you can purchase from us and start racking up tons of points. (Think of this as having a fast agility dog, racking up championship points ). Click around the site, you’ll see very high point values on most of the products (and yes, we are rounding to the closest integer so most point values are rounded up).  (Please note also that this is not unlike a credit card 1% cash back program except that we are not charging anyone interest and our points never expire).