Zentek Coats – Straight Back Climate Control Coat – Small – Medium Sized Dogs

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The straight back Zentek coat will fit Chihuahuas to Cairn Terriers, and Airedales to Staffordshire Terriers.
Please See Sizing Chart Below

Zentek Coat Medium

The original Zentek dog coat. Stylish, yet practical. This patented coat design will stay in place while doing tracking, herding, agility, dock diving or just rolling in the grass. Many older dogs sleep in it to increase mobility. Many dogs are comforted by the body wrap design. Custom adjustments available. Acts as a cooling coat in the summer, and a coat for warmth in the winter, thanks to the Comfortemp liner. We think it’s the perfect dog coat.


Great for deep chested dogs. Individual styles for greyhound, whippets, bulldogs and pugs.

Sizing Chart
Straight Back Climate Control Coat
Small – Medium Dogs
to Tail
Silky S2 12″ 12-20″ 8-15lbs 10-12″
Shih Tzu S3 13″ 13-22″ 10-20lbs 10-14″
Cairn Terrier S4 15″ 14-22″ 15-25lbs 10-15″
Cocker Spaniel S5 19″ 16-26″ 20-35lbs 12-16″
Basset Hound S6 22″ 18-28″ 24-45lbs 14-18″
Dalmatian S7 25″ 20-30″ 40-60lbs 14-20″

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Zentek Coats – this may be the only dog coat your dog ever needs! Zentek dog coats cool in the heat and warm in the cold, regulating your dog’s core body temperature. Requires no water, electricity, dangerous leaky gels, goos or goops!

Zentek Coats are made from Comfortemp fabric, which keeps the body cool when it’s hot outside and warm when it’s cold.

What is Comfortemp®?

Comfortemp® is the brand name for intelligent non-wovens, into which mPCM materials have been integrated. They interactively react to changing body or outside temperatures. Depending on the individual situation or activity level they absorb excess body heat and store it until it is needed again. This keeps your dog in the comfort zone longer. Micro Phase Change Materials (mPCM) are contained inside a durable microcapsule, in the fabric. PCM, are substances that can change their physical state because of external forces such as temperature. The best known PCM is water. When the temperature rises above a preset level, the PCM turns from a solid to a liquid state. When the temperature drops below a preset level, the PCM reverts from a liquid back to a solid state. This process will repeat as long as the temperature crosses the preset level. The PCM inside the micro capsule changes physical state because of a rise or drop in the temperature. When the temperature rises above a preset temperature, the PCM automatically absorbs and stores the excess heat from the body, causing a cooling effect. This process turns the PCM from a solid state to a liquid one. When the outside temperature drops below a preset temperature, the PCM automatically releases the stored heat back to the body, causing a warming effect. This process turns the liquid PCM back to a solid state.

Because the PCM inside the microcapsules responds automatically to changes in the temperature, the body will remain in a comfortable temperature range longer. With the mPCM technology, your pup will stay warmer when it is cold and cooler when it is hot.


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