XXLarge Soft Sided Dog Crate /Mighty Mite Jumbo Dog Tent

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Optional Fly Sheets:

Fly Sheets for Jumbo Tents: $38.00

Product Description

Great Dane in our Soft Sided Dog Crate

Mighty Mite Jumbo Dog Tents


XXLarge Soft Sided Dog Crate

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Finally!  A Soft Sided Dog Crate Designed for Giant Breeds (A Great Dane Soft Crate!)

The Mighty Mite Jumbo Dog Tent is 55″L x 36″ W x 48″ H

BUT FOLDS TO THE SIZE OF AN UMBRELLA!  Folds 27″ L and only 6″ W!



This is the XXLarge Dog Crate you’ve been dreaming about! Good for crate trained large breeds for dog shows, family trips, hotels and camping!

Color is Silver/Grey/Black

This is no kid’s play tent! In fact it’s more a real adult camping tent tricked out for dogs! The Mighty Mite Super Set Dog Tent was designed in conjunction with Leisurelife (now MMI-Fed), the makers of Catoma Speed Dome and Trek Fire Fighters’ tents. Starting with the design of the Sixty Second (SST) Fire Fighter’ tents, we focused on making specific changes for the needs of dogs and their handlers. You will find only quality materials throughout! The fabric is pack material, the poles are fiberglass, the zippers pulls are heavy weight metal (NOT plastic!), the pegging points are nylon. Stitching is reinforced throughout. Our dog tents take years of use and abuse and the customers who have them, rave about their durability (but please, they are for dog use, not kid use!).

Now the #1 Best Selling Dog Tent for Dog Sports & Outdoor Sports! And with good reason!

  • Only four pounds!
  • Less than ten seconds from start to finish!
  • Folds 27″ L and only 6″ W!
  • The only dog tents on the market with our Super Set patented technology!
  • No messing with threading poles! 1, 2 and your tent is up and you’re ready to go!
  • Goes up easily like a pop-dog tent but with the stability of a soft crate with poles!
  • Fits, when broken down, into a suitcase!
  • Unlike other dog tents, the Mighty Mite tent is INDOOR CRATING SPACE FRIENDLY! Shaped based on the footprint of a dog crate, not a tent, so your dog can stretch out and you can use a regular crate pad!  Does not take up more room than a regular dog crate!
  • Curved roof means more head room!
  • Heavier-duty -denier nylon fabric helps prevent damage from nails and um . . . teeth.
  • Pockets on three sides to stash all your show essentials from leashes and show premiums!
  • Internal Velcro water bowl holder!
  • Tapped sides!
  • Comes with full set of stakes and new carry bag!
  • Special Zipper system – zipper zips DOWN not UP and special fabric Zipper Block prevents zipper jiggling to protect from Houdini-dogs!

 Why a dog tent? Top trainers and dog sport handlers have a secret – dog tents are easier to travel with than soft crates! Many have purchased a Mighty Mite as an “extra crate” only to find that it is now their only crate. Why? Because dog tents pack smaller, weigh less and are easier to snap open and close; even easier to swing over your shoulder or stuff into your pack and just “go.” If you’re on the move with your dog, you’ll find a dog tent to the be the ultimate in stress-free lightweight travel!


Additional Information


Silver Jumbo (Giant Breeds, Malamute and bigger) 36w X 55l X 48h

Introducing Fly Sheets for the Mighty Mite Super Set Dog Tents!

Made especially to be used with our dog tents, these amazing fly sheets have a myriad of uses and great features!

  1. Silver material reflects harmful UV rays away from your dog and keeps the interior of the dog tent cool
  2. Water repellent fabric keeps your dog dry in wet weather
  3. Special design allows the fly to sit on top of the tent poles allowing air circulation between the tent fabric and the fly sheet. BETTER than the roll down windows of other dog crates and tents that prevent air from circulating when the crate is closed up!
  4. Special design allows total privacy. When the fly sheet is in place, all mesh areas are covered – terrific for dogs who have crate aggression, are reactive to their environment, or anxious when crated or separated from their handlers!
  5. Fitted design does not block ingress and egress from the crate
  6. Fits both old style and new style Mighty Mite Tents! Available in all three sizes!

Purchase one as an option with your Mighty Mite Tent order or purchase separately here >>


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