The Little Dogs’ Activity Book

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The Little Dogs’ Activity Book
By Deborah Wood
Does your little dog seem to have boundless energy? Are you searching for new ways to not only keep your vivacious small friend entertained but also avoid destructive behavior and encourage healthy habits? The Little Dogs’ Activity Book provides dozens of ideas on how to get active with small dogs (defined as those weighing less than 20 pounds) both inside and outside the home, to alleviate boredom, and keep your pet fit and cheerful. This unique guide includes step-by-step instructions for amusing tricks, enjoyable outdoor sports, instructions for games (including dog-themed puzzles), delightful doggy parties, and even travel. This book also offers tips for dogs and people who have limited mobility, a disability, or age-related challenges. The fun design includes photos and illustrations that help inspire little dog owners to develop fresh ideas for their diminutive canine friends. If you have been looking for the best ways to keep your small dog amused, The Little Dogs’ Activity Book is a fantastic and fun resource to help avert problem behaviors while encouraging happiness and wellness in your petite pet.


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