Pure Paws Silk Basics Shampoo

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Pure Paws Silk Basics Shampoo

Silk Basics Shampoo is your go-to shampoo for all dropped coated breeds including Afghans, Shih Tzus, Maltese, Yorkshire Terriers and Silky Terriers.

Silk Spa for your dog. Enriched with Silk, Botanical Extracts and Herbs for a Healthy Shiny Coat. Prevents Split Ends & Restores Natural Thickness.

Designed to make coats silky and more manageable. Silk is incorporated into this blend with Botanical Extracts and Herbs to create a shampoo that will penetrate the hair and skin to build a healthy, strong, shiny, manageable coat

Strengthen and Shine with:

  • Keratin: Improves Health & Strength of Coat
  • Silk Amino Acids: Adds Luster, Strengthens Damaged Coats
  • Panthenol Vitamin B12: Prevents Split Ends & Restores Natural Thickness
  • Aloe Vera: Heals& Repairs Skin. Adds Natural Shine.


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