Orion Kennels – Orion Dog Crate

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Orion Kennels

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Introducing Orion Kennels!

Mighty Mite Dog Gear is proud to offer to the performance and show dog market, a brand-new roto-molded kennel.  Orion Kennels are designed with an understanding of crash dynamics, balancing practical use with safety. These kennels are lightweight yet amazingly strong; Orion Kennels can take tremendous weight and forces while maintaining their structural integrity.

The folks at Orion have experience developing military safety products but are also dog trainers in their own right. The crates are engineered to keep your dogs contained while also reducing the impact on their bodies from the forces of motor vehicle accidents. The unique door design combines four 350 lb weight rated straps at each corner, for a total of 1400 lbs, keeping the door closed in an accident, but also allowing the door to flex, slowing down the rate at which the dog will hit the door in an impact, and thus reducing the probability of internal injuries. The door design also means you are “tucking” the dog in, rather than slamming a door on them.  The Orion Kennel door design provides the convenience of a variety of door configurations from leaving the door off entirely to opening it “garage door” style or from the left or right side of the kennel.  Orion’s unique wrap-around rope design allows handlers to tie down their crates using a car seat-belt.  The wrap around design also helps to dissipate impact as the kennel can move slightly as the rope takes some of the force of the impact while it tightens around the kennel.  Orion Kennels are backed by a life-time warranty through the manufacturer.  Offered with introductory free shipping anywhere in the contiguous 48 States.  Airline approved doors will be available at a later date, making a single Orion kennel a solution for your dog’s every crating need.

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  • THE DOOR DIFFERENCE • Tuck your dog in, don’t slam a door in their face. Open left, right, up into a garage door style or remove entirely. The Orion Kennel’s door is silent, eliminating rattling in the car.
  • ENGINEERED FOR ADVENTURE • Orion’s single-walled design flexes to absorb shock, is durable, highly portable and easy to clean. Limited lifetime warranty.
  • CLIMBING ROPE HANDLES • Rope system creates multi-faceted shock absorption system to dissipate force of impact, just as it does with a rock climber. Orion uses Blue Water Ropes™, a climbing brand in Georgia.
  • ONE KENNEL THAT DOES IT ALL •  Lightweight and yet roomy.  Stack-able! These kennels will go straight from your car, to your living room, to your dog show/trial crating setup, to the airport. Save time and money with one crate that does it all!
  • UNIQUE ACCESSORIES AND MATCHING CAMPING COOLERS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE! Orion CoolersOrion Kennels Dog Crate Cover; Orion MOLLE Kennel CoverOrion Kennels Dog Poop Bag DispenserOrion Kennels Dog Emergency Medical Kit Pouch



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