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The Most Popular Dog Tent In The Dog Sports World Is Back
Mighty Mite Dog Gear Dog Tents

The longest selling, most trusted, dog tent style soft sided dog crate on the market. Used by top dog trainers worldwide. Mighty Mite Dog Tents have been used by high performance sport dogs in competition and family pets on camping trips for over two decades. Integrated quick-set framed tent, outstanding ventilation, internal bowl holder, two metal zipper pull zipper, large pockets on three sides, less than four pounds, five size options, zippered two handle carry bag and more! High-end human quality tent construction.


Optional Fly Sheets:

Fly Sheets for Petite Tents: $32.00
Fly Sheets For Small Tents $33.00
Fly Sheets for Medium Tents: $34.00
Fly Sheets for Large Tents: $36.00
Fly Sheets for Jumbo Tents: $38.00

Product Description

Mighty Mite Dog Tents


This tent pops up in less than 10 seconds with an integrated tent pole system. Excellent ventilation with mesh from the dog’s shoulder height on up on three sides and a roll down window on the front door. The Mighty Mite Dog Tent is made from high quality materials, including a sturdy fiberglass frame and a durable 600 denier nylon shell which has been waterproofed. Three full size pockets on three sides and a Velcro water bowl holder. “Paw Stop” covers over zipper and two metal zipper pulls for durability and flexibility. Additionally, the tent comes with a convenient zippered two handle carrying bag for easy transport. Can be used with our sun-reflective and water-resistant fly sheet, sold separately.

  • Silver fabric
  • Quick set up integrated tent frame, 10 seconds or less setup
  • Outstanding ventilation
  • Internal bowl holder
  • Two metal zipper pulls
  • Large pockets on three sides
  • Water resistant
  • Less than four pounds
  • Zippered two-handle carry bag
  • Can be used with our optional full-coverage sun-reflective and water repellent fly sheet (sold separately)

Jumbo: Great Dane, St. Bernard; Large: German Shepherd, Standard Poodle; Medium: Border Collie, Australian Shepherd; Small: Shetland Sheepdog, Miniature Poodle; Petite: Dachshund, Papillon


Additional Information


2022 Large (1 zipper style), 2022 Medium (1 zipper style), 2022 Petite (1 zipper style), Petite, Small, Medium, Large, Jumbo, Open Box Medium

Introducing Fly Sheets for the Mighty Mite Super Set Dog Tents!

Made especially to be used with our dog tents, these amazing fly sheets have a myriad of uses and great features!

  1. Silver material reflects harmful UV rays away from your dog and keeps the interior of the dog tent cool
  2. Water repellent fabric keeps your dog dry in wet weather
  3. Special design allows the fly to sit on top of the tent poles allowing air circulation between the tent fabric and the fly sheet. BETTER than the roll down windows of other dog crates and tents that prevent air from circulating when the crate is closed up!
  4. Special design allows total privacy. When the fly sheet is in place, all mesh areas are covered – terrific for dogs who have crate aggression, are reactive to their environment, or anxious when crated or separated from their handlers!
  5. Fitted design does not block ingress and egress from the crate
  6. Fits both old style and new style Mighty Mite Tents! Available in all three sizes!

Purchase one as an option with your Mighty Mite Tent order or purchase separately here >>

9 reviews for Mighty Mite Dog Tent / Soft Crate

  1. J Gandara

    I bought my first two Mighty Mite dog tents about 4 years ago. They are big. . . I use the medium for my Aussies, and I can fit two dogs in one if I need to. The ventilation is wonderful – no more stuffy, stinky crates. They set up and take down in a heart beat. And one of the best features? They fold down into a tiny little bag and weigh almost nothing. I can fit 3 of these tents into the tiniest space while packing, and can carry all three at the same time. They are so much more convenient than the typical soft crate.

    The only change I’d like to see is either a double pull on the zipper so I can clip them shut or a clip on the tent to clip the zipper pull. There is a flap between the zipper and the dog where the zipper ends, but my “smart” dog has figured out how to unzip it (this dog also opens doors – it’s just how she works). But this is a minor quibble, and a water bucket in the velcro holder in front of that flap prevents her from doing it.

    4 years later, I bought another crate for the newest dog in the family. The original crates are still in use. These are my favorites!

  2. Esther Newton

    A fellow agility competitor had her two beardies in Mighty Mite tents at trials in Michigan, and after she told me how much she liked their roominess, light weight and ease of set up and take down, I ordered two small ones for my miniature poodles in August, 2014. Prior to that at trials I have used all kinds of different crates: wire, plastic and folding. I immediately started using one tent for my five year old, but held off on my mouthy five month old puppy, fearing he would chew or rip it. But by the time he was 8 months I put him in his own tent, and so far neither tent has sustained any damage at all. Everything my beardie friend said was true and I love these tents, they are a big improvement over the sort of tents you have to slide plastic supports through. They are airy, lots of ventilation but easily covered if it is chilly. I didn’t find it necessary to buy the flies, but I have recently ordered the zipper closing tent bags; I do find the stuff bags for the tents slightly annoying, but the tent, tent stakes and bag are so lightweight it makes setup easier than any folding crate I’ve owned.

    Esther, Rider and Mach2 Viva

  3. Donna McClary (verified owner)

    Where have these been all my life! I have tried other dog tents like the Dog Haus and the Pet Ego. Found them really big and wide. Felt guilty at agility trials because my dog’s crate was taking up so much space. Still, I didn’t want to go back to those hard to fold soft dog crates and the space they took up in my car. Saw one of these at a trial and was pointed in the direction of this website. All I can say is “wow!” Just “Wow!” It solves all my problems. Small space when folded up, big comfortable space when opened but without taking over two crate spaces at shows. What a wonderful invention!

  4. Christina

    I bought two small Mighty Mite dog tents about two years ago when my metal crates just became too heavy to transport. Since both my Shelties like being in the same crate, I use one and have a spare. There is plenty of room for two 20-lb Shelties. This is so easy to transport and set up that I can’t believe I didn’t get rid of the metal crates years before. We go to trials often and these tents are a life saver.

  5. Linda Davis (verified owner)

    Everybody talks about these tents. The zippers on them are so much better than the tents sold by other companies. The new tents don’t have pockets, these do. They are also lighter and easier to carry. So glad I made this purchase decision for my two GSDs. Can’t wait for the Jumbos to come out too!

  6. fairgayle (verified owner)

    My Golden Retriever and I went tent camping with his wonderful new size large mighty mite dog tent. Set up was amazingly easy and he loved having his own spot to chill. I didn’t use the rain fly because he likes ventilation and visibility and he had plenty. Love it! Takes up so much less room than soft crate!

  7. ShellyGoldenblue

    Such a difference in quality over the other dog tent style crates I’ve had and seen. Mine is five years old and still going strong. I had a Pet Ego tents whose poles broke within a month and a Dog Gone Good Crate that never even stood up straight. I recommend these tents everywhere I go. As an FYI I have Goldens but have also used my tent with my friend’s Border Collie. This is an absolutely fabulous product.

  8. LeeAnnandMarcus (verified owner)

    Just got my petite dog tent. So impressed with the quality and so glad I decided on this tent vs others I had seen at shows. It does not take up a ridiculously large footprint and is great for tight crating spaces. Love the extra features and touches in its design. You can tell a lot of thought went into it. Great job on a superior product Mighty Mite! Two paws up approval from this Sheltie and her mom!

  9. BethLovesPaws

    Just received my new medium silver mighty mite dog tent! I had a red and blue medium since 2008 (?) but decided it was time for a replacement. So many improvements and OMG pockets! Love those deep pockets! Thank you for continuing to make such an amazing product. I refer friends to this company all the time.

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