Mighty Mite Dog Tent Replacement Pole

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Mighty Mite Dog Tent Replacement Pole

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Introducing Fly Sheets for the Mighty Mite Super Set Dog Tents!

Made especially to be used with our dog tents, these amazing fly sheets have a myriad of uses and great features!

  1. Silver material reflects harmful UV rays away from your dog and keeps the interior of the dog tent cool
  2. Water repellent fabric keeps your dog dry in wet weather
  3. Special design allows the fly to sit on top of the tent poles allowing air circulation between the tent fabric and the fly sheet. BETTER than the roll down windows of other dog crates and tents that prevent air from circulating when the crate is closed up!
  4. Special design allows total privacy. When the fly sheet is in place, all mesh areas are covered – terrific for dogs who have crate aggression, are reactive to their environment, or anxious when crated or separated from their handlers!
  5. Fitted design does not block ingress and egress from the crate
  6. Fits both old style and new style Mighty Mite Tents! Available in all three sizes!

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