K-10 Official Competition Standard Pup Disc (Skyhoundz)

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Official MicroDog competition model (7″ diameter/60 gram) Hyperflite K-10 Pup flying disc (for your small dog/puppy). Unique opposed grip strips, provide a more positive grip for better control, longer throws and improved catchability. State-of-the-art aerodynamic design provides improved flight characteristics. Gripping surfaces do not collect grit that can act like revolving sandpaper on a dog’s teeth. Reinforced high-stress sections provide more strength and durability. Safer because there are no sharp edges or protruding injection-molding spurs. Lighter and smaller so that everyone can join in the fun! Made with a space-age polymer that is certified food-safe and imprinted with food-safe ink and foil.

Available in White.

Gayhearts The Force B With U, UAGI, FMX, WBBMF
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