Ice Bag Covers for Dog Shows & Ice Therapy

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Mighty Mite Dog Gear is offering a wonderful solution to keeping your dog cool on hot summer dog show days! Our ice bag covers are designed so you can place your dog ontop of them and allow your dog to cool through his feet (the only part of your dog’s body where he can sweat). A super product for drop coated and brachycephalic show dogs! Reduces or even eliminates your dog’s need to pant, thus preventing him from drooling all over his furnishings right before going into the ring – no wet sticky faces!

The ice bag cover will also prevent condensation from the ice pack from wetting your dog’s under coat, while permitting the cooling action from the ice itself. Also great for ice therapy for sports injuries for show and performance dogs. You can either lay your dog on top of the cover, or drape the cover over the area that needs ice therapy. The fabric will prevent the ice pack from doing damage to your dog’s skin. Quilted nylon outer, has a silky feel that prevents static electricity and will not damage your dog’s coat. Waterproof lining and button closure. Currently available in black.

Available in three sizes (call for a quote on custom sizing):
14 x 10 $35.00 USD
23 x 16 $55.00 USD
29 x 16 $65.00 USD

Below: image of the inner water resistant lining where the ice pack would be placed:

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23 x 16 $55.00 USD, 29 x 16 $65.00 USD, 14 x 10 $35.00 USD


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