Back On Track Physio Knee Brace (for People!)

$ 33.00$ 35.00

Back on Track’s unique therapeutic Welltex® ceramic fabric that provides soothing thermal infrared warmth that may help relax your muscles and relieve joint pain.



Back On Track Physio Knee Brace (for People!)

Back on Track products are designed to help reduce inflammation and swelling, and increase blood circulation. The result is decreased pain and improved mobility for you. Back on Track products can be used to warm up your  muscles before exercise, thus reducing the risk of strains or injury. In addition to helping prevent injury, Back on Track Products can be used to decrease arthritis pain and expedite the recovery of already present injuries to the muscles, joints, ligaments, or tendons.

The Back on Track + Physio Knee Brace is designed to provide a comfortable four-way stretch in a supportive, FDA-approved brace with all the benefits of Welltex technology.




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