Back On Track Therapeutic Dog Bed

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Back on Track’s unique therapeutic Welltex® ceramic fabric soothing thermal infrared warmth that may help relax your dog’s muscles and relieve joint pain.
It is oval shaped and comes with a carrying case and non-slip backing.


Back On Track Therapeutic Dog Bed

Dog travel bed made by Back On Track with Welltex Fabric

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Back on Track products are designed to help reduce inflammation and swelling, and increase blood circulation. The result is decreased pain and improved mobility for your dog. Back on Track products can be used to warm up your dogs’ muscles before exercise, thus reducing the risk of strains or injury. In addition to helping prevent injury, Back on Track Products can be used to decrease arthritis pain and expedite the recovery of already present injuries to the muscles, joints, ligaments, or tendons.

The Back on Track Therapeutic Dog Travel Bed is made from the same state-of-the-art Welltex fabric as the Back on Track Dog Blankets. This fabric contains ceramic powder. The ceramic particles are actually fused into the fabric’s weave so the fabric reflects your dog’s natural body heat as an infrared wave, a form of energy with a well-documented pain-relieving effect. The infrared warmth can help relax your dog’s muscles and relieve joint pain. The bed is oval shaped and has a nonslip backing. The bed comes with a carrying bag.

Each dog’s physical response to the Back on Track Bed is different, so the company recommends that you introduce the bed gradually. Start by having your dog use the bed for a maximum of 4 hours per day for 3 days. After that, you can let your dog use the bed all day long. Once the dog is acclimated to the bed, Back on Track recommends using the bed for 3 weeks, taking 1 week off, using it another 3 weeks, taking a week off, and so on. Not for use with pregnant dogs


How Back on Track Products Work

By combining modern textile technology and traditional Chinese medicine which is supported by scientific studies, Back on Track creates products that help dogs achieve a more active and comfortable life.

Back on Track’s joint and muscle support are all made of functional textiles with reflective properties. The textile is a synergy of ancient Chinese experience and modern scientific textile technology. During the manufacturing of polyester- or polyester fibers, the ceramic particles are fused into the fibers. When worn or used, the ceramic particles radiate an energy back towards the body. This reflection is long-wave radiation, which is also known as long wave infrared radiation.

How long do the Back on Track products work?  
Since the ceramic particles are melted into the threads they can never wash out, and our products will always be effective.   If you have been using our products for a while, and feel you don’t see the same results as at the beginning, simply take a break for a couple of weeks and try again.  While using our products the body can get used to feeling better, so you may no longer see an increased difference.  After taking a break you will most likely see that difference again.  If you have any questions please call us so we can help you answer any of your concerns.

It is well established and documented that long wave infrared radiation increases the blood circulation. The increased blood circulation in the tissues helps to relieve muscles tension and improves performance. One important property is the injury prevention effect, which you get when the products are used for training and competition.

This Energy can be transported in three ways: conduction (transfer), convection or radiation.

  1. When the warmth transfers or conduction occurs, the raditaion in the material spreads from one part of the material to another.
  2. Convection is the loss of heat when a heated liquid or gas (e.g. air) is displaced, carrying the heat with it. The insulating material in ordinary clothing and joint supports, for example cotton, wool and neoprene, is designed to prevent convection and thus retains body heat in the air outside the skin.
  3. Radiation occurs when a source emits radiation, where upon it collides with another surface and heats it. Back on Track’s products work with radiant warmth, the purpose of which is to avoid trapping the warmth through insulation. This is so that the protection has a respiratory function, while energy in the body tissues increases.

People and animals radiate body warmth, both at rest and in activity, however less warmth is radiated when at rest.  When a material is hit with warm rays, three things can occur.

  1. The rays can pass straight through the material, which is called transmittance. An example of this is when the sun’s heat rays hit a glass plate. The majority of the heat radiation passes through the glass. You would feel this effect if you were to stand in a room with the sun shining through the window.
  2. The second thing that can happen is that the rays bounce on the material’s surface and are reflected away, called reflectance. If all the heat is reflected the material will not be heated as none of the rays radiate through the material.
  3. The third that can happen is the material absorbs the heat rays, which is called absorbance. Radiated heat can have different wavelengths depending on the temperature of the heat source and the material. Radiant heat is usually within the range of what is called infrared radiation, which means wavelengths between 0.7 microns and 1 mm. A material absorbs different amounts of heat radiation depending on the wavelength of the radiation. This is called the material’s absorption spectrum. The radiant heat absorbed increases the heat content of the material.


A material has not only an absorption spectrum but also an emission spectrum. An emission spectrum essentially means that different materials radiate heat of various wavelengths within different temperatures. The amount of radiation and the radiation wavelength varies depending on the heat source temperature and the emission spectrum of the heat source materials. Generally, one can say that the lower the temperature heat source is the longer the wavelength of the heat radiation.

When manufacturing the polyester and polypropylene fibers that Back on Track products are made of, ceramic particles are fused into the textile fibers. The selection of these ceramic particles is based on which absorption and emission spectrum they contain. The result is that when the ceramic particles absorb the body’s heat radiation, they expel heat of a specific wavelength, which is based in the long-wave infrared zone of the thermal radiation spectrum. It is well established and documented that long wave infrared radiation has a pain reducing effect and increases blood circulation.

Just like other materials, the body’s tissues have their own absorption spectrum. The wavelength that the ceramic particles issue is absorbed in the cells. A signal is sent to the brain telling it that energy has increased, to which the brain opens up the veins. The absorption happens not only in the skin but also deeper down the tissue, which makes the veins wider not only superficially but also in the muscles and around the joints. The increased blood circulation in the tissues relieves muscle tension and strengthens the body’s own ability to reduce inflammations and heal injuries. The products are therefore often used in cases where inflammation is part of the problem. Another important application is injury prevention, which you get when the products are used for training and competition.




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