Return & Donation Policies

What is your return policy?We will accept returns, for any reason, within thirty (30) days of purchase as long as the product is returned in like-new condition. Dog clothing must show no traces of having been worn, cooling coats may not have been wetted. All tags and labels must still be on the merchandise. This policy covers all items in our store with the exceptions of made-to-order and custom-made products which are non-returnable.  Certain products such as the Variocages and Dog Treadmills have product-specific return policies listed on the product pages and are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Please call (888-528-3414) or email us ( )  to notify if you intend to make a return as we may need to supply you with a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#). We will also direct you to where to return the merchandise (whether to Mighty Mite directly or to the manufacturer or distributor). Customers will receive a full refund credited to their Paypal account or their credit card. We will not refund return shipping. We may allow, under very special circumstances, items to be returned after the 30 days period has lapsed.  These items are generally subject to a 20% restocking fee or store credit.  Under no circumstances will an item be returnable beyond 30 days after last communication.  If a return has been authorized but no item has been returned nor has there been any further communication from the customer, we will treat the transaction as completed and closed. We are not responsible for lost or misdirected merchandise and strongly advise that shipment be made by a carrier that provides insurance.

What is your charitable donation policy?

We get hundreds of requests for donations to clubs and charitable organizations each year. While we would love to help everyone, obviously, that is not financially possible. As an organization, we have agreed to the following policy: donations are allocated 1) first come first serve basis (we earmark funds each year for donations and once that quota/cap is reached, no further donations can be allocated for that calendar year). Organizations who get their donation requests in early – preferably in January – are given first priority provided they meet the other following criteria 2) are somehow related to small dog breeds and/or 3) performance events. In addition, organizations must provide proof of 501(c)(3) charitable organization status. We kindly ask that organizations receiving donations link back to us on their club or organization’s website, if at all possible. Please note, we cannot donate artisan-made/custom made products. Please also note that donations will only be made to organizations within the United States. We reserve the right to determine what will be donated and the monetary value of that donation.   Thank you for your understanding.

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