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Hand Turned Competition Quality Dog Obedience Dumbbells
Mighty Mite Dog Gear’s customers asked us to develop a dumbbell that would be suitable for small dogs but be of the highest competition quality.  We set out to achieve this goal by working with our customers.  Twenty five test dog teams were selected to help us test and review dumbbell designs and materials over the course of six months. These dogs included: toy and Mini Poodles, Papillons, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Maltese, Brussels Griffon, Italian Greyhound, Bichon, Shelties (small and large), and Lowchen.   Thanks to the wonderful feedback of these test dogs and their handlers, we are now able to offer dumbbells that even the big dogs will envy.

Dumbbell Sizing: To properly size your dog’s dumbbell, have you dog bite down on a pencil held just behind his canine teeth. Then measure with a ruler the distance between bite marks. When considering what bell size, consider how close the bell will be to your dog’s eyes and the overall weight of the dumbbell, in addition to the amount of clearance he will need in order to get under the dumbbell to pick it up. We can taper custom dumbbells to some degree to meet with your specifications.

Dare's Mighty Mite Dumbbell

What Makes our Competition Dog Obedience Dumbbells Different?

Lightweight! Easy to hold! Durable! Beautiful Quality!
Small dog tested and approved!

  • Each dumbbell is hand turned on a lathe from a single piece of Maple
    • We do not use pre-made dowels
    • There are no screws, bolts or glue
    • Heirloom furniture craftsmanship
  • The maple used to make our dumbbells is much harder than poplar, the more common wood used for dog dumbbells, so ours are more durable and lightweight (we tested them by throwing them down a concrete driveway)
  • Each of our dumbbells is carved by a  skilled artisan – crafted to exact specifications
  • Our dumbbell bite diameter is the thinnest hand turned dumbbell available
    • More comfortable and easier for small dogs to grip
    • Small dogs can actually close their mouths around our dumbbells
    • Measuring less than 3/8ths in diameter 
  • Available in stock sizes or made to order

Dumbbells can be shipped anywhere in the world. Outside of the continental United States, please contact us for a shipping quote.

Stock Dumbbell Sizes Available for immediate shipment
– three days to most places in the US:

Length 2” x Bell 1 Ύ” [recommended for small Shelties]
Length 1 ½” x Bell 1Ύ”
Length 2” x Bell 1½”

Length 1 ½” x Bell 1 ½” [recommended for many papillons]

Custom Dumbbells

Custom Sizing: Select bell height, and bite length and angle of bell (regular or low profile). If you have a hard to fit muzzle, please contact us at 888-528-3414 or email Rena@Mightymitedoggear.com for additional assistance in selecting the best dumbbell for your dog.

If you have a flatter faced dogs such as a Shih Tzu, Pug or tiny headed Yorkie or Maltese, you may want to request a low profile dumbbell.  The photo below shows a regular stock dumbbell side by side with a  custom made low profile dumbbell of the same bell height and bite width.

We are able to fit even the tiniest dog! Don’t be afraid to ask! (Please note: the bite diameter we offer is the smallest/thinnest possible short of going to a dowel. We want to create dumbbells that will wear well and will not be prone to snapping apart so changing the thickness to something thinner, is not an option). Please allow up to six weeks for delivery.

  • bell heights upto and including 1 3/4" (we can make the bell as small as you like!)
  • bell heights greater than 1 3/4" but less than or equal to 4"
  • bell heights greater than 4" (yes we can now make dumbbells for big dogs too!)


Lexi and her Mighty Mite Dumbbell



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