ZIPPITYDOG™ Z – Powerful Small Lure Coursing Machine

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Lure Coursing Equipment that is lightweight, easy to use, and great for almost any backyard situation!

Drag Lure Machine

Zippity Dog Z Powerful Small Lure Coursing Machine


THE ZIPPITYDOGS ARE BACK!! Due to high demand, these great little machines are now back in our lineup – get yours now!!

Really fast machine! The ZippityDog-Z is our smallest zoomiest machine! It comes with:

  • Hands-free wireless remote control
  • 23,000 rpm, 1/2hp motor
  • Power-leveler with its own motor – keeps the line spooling smooth and straight!
  • Speed Control – can go slow for smaller dogs and kitties but top speed is about 35mph!
  • Bright LED power indicator light
  • Sturdy RED case with a handle!
  • 200′ braided Dacron line
  • Custom machined spool
  • 12v system with 1.2Ah rechargeable battery – extreme speed!
  • Integrated charge port
  • One high-quality, machined field pulley
  • 12v wall battery charger
  • Complimentary accessory kit – spare fuse, allen wrench and swivels
  •  Download a free training sheet on our User Manuals page!

This little powerhouse is robust enough to drag a (very) light toy!  Use this machine on short grass for best results. Use the ZippityDog-Z indoors, too!

The ZippityDog-Z is fast enough for even your crazy-fast Whippets and Kelpies – BUT – we don’t recommend that because the course is VERY short…only 200 FEET.  But if you don’t mind getting run over…

Seriously, this little machine is great for most dogs and all small exotic cats in a small enclosure!  Because of the speed control, you can use this indoors with your domestic kitties, too! Don’t forget, though, this is a very light-duty and SMALL machine – 200 FEET isn’t a lot for fast animals…but, oh, so much FUN, FUN, FUN!


Flat Rate Shipping in the Lower 48. Machines will ship out within 3-4 weeks.

About Drag Lure Machines

A “drag lure” machine uses an open-ended line stored on a spool inside the machine. The operator pulls the line out of the spool as s/he walks and sets it around pulleys that s/he has set in a pattern in the field. When the motor is activated, it then “drags” the line and lure back into the spool and the dog chases it from the start point back to the machine. The operator must then walk the line out around the pulleys after every run.

  • Spool with line – lives in the machine and is attached to the motor
  • Operator must walk the line out after every run
  • Line is open-ended with the lure on the end of the line
  • Motor “drags” the line back onto the spool
  • Very small pulleys
  • Small and extremely easy to use
  • Very short set-up time: about 15 minutes


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