Safely Remove Ticks From Dogs Tick SR

$ 14.18


Tick SR – means “Safe Removal” – Removes Ticks From Your Dog on Contact

Never touch a tick again! Safely remove the tick from your dog! Better for your dog and better for you!

Tick-SR™ is a patented tick removal product. It works by dissolving the glue that ticks use to attach to their host. It also pushes the blood supply away from the tick’s feeding tube so the tick cannot feed. The tick is no longer glued on and not able to feed. The tick releases into a wipe. Tick-SR also disinfects the site to help prevent disease.

A powerful new weapon in tick removal called Tick-SR, is arriving just in time to help dog owners with one aspect of waging war against ticks—the fast and safe removal of the parasites from wherever they attach themselves to a dog. Tick-SR chemically compels ticks to withdraw from dogs by simultaneously impeding their food supply and dissolving the initial bond that adheres them to the host. An irritated tick will often dump its stomach contents into its host dramatically increases the likelihood of infection. With Tick-SR the tick is not irritated and the tick can be safely removed painlessly and with far less likelihood for infection to the dog.

Available in:
10 Pack Wipes: $14.18
120 ml Bottle: $22.99
60 ml Bottle: $14.18


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