Small Dog Retrieving Bumpers |Ruff Wear Lunker Retrieving Bumper – Size Small

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Small Dog Retrieving Bumpers

Mighty Mite loves our mini dock dogs and water retrievers! In their honor we are proud to add the “Lunker” to our line.
This a soft, floating, small dog retrieving training bumper – Mighty Mite sized!

This soft, recycled, durable small dog retrieving bumper, making it ideal for water-based catch-and-fetch! The rope lanyard makes it easy to throw long distances.

Ruffwear partners with PLUSfoam™ Compound Technologies to produce Lunkers with a center core made from recycled foam. And, when your Lunker is ready for retirement, the entire toy can be sent to PLUSfoam to be recycled and reused in new products. Ruffwear Lunkers are recycled and recyclable! Check out PLUSfoam’s website for more info:

If you are looking for small dog retrieving bumpers for your larger dock-dog or hunting dog puppy – this product is sure to please too!

Please note: All Ruffwear toys are interactive and intended for supervised play. They are not designed to be chew toys. Once the interactive play has finished, place the Ruffwear toy out of your dog’s reach and replace with a designated chew toy.

Size Small Only.


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