PUPSAVER Petite: Crash Tested Dog Car Seat for Dogs Upto 10 Lbs

$ 154.95


Add PupSaver Harness

Optional add-on: Pupsaver harness is designed to work with the Pupsaver for ease of use and comfort for your dog

PupSaver is the only crash tested dog car seat.  This crash tested certified dog car seat protects small dogs upto 30 lbs by enveloping them like a catcher’s mitt in the event of an automobile accident.

The Only Crash Tested Dog Car Seat on the Market Today!

 Not just safe – this is a crash tested dog car seat!

New PupSaver PETITE is for TINY DOGS ONLY! Your dog must be 10 lbs or under and no taller than 12″ in height when seated.

Please purchase an Original PupSaver for any dog larger than these measurements, no matter the breed. This recommendation is for your dog’s safety and comfort:)

  • Crash tested, rear-facing design will catch your dog upon impact and act as a protective barrier to prevent contact with hard surfaces.
  • For use with dogs up to 10 lbs. only
  • Five total seatbelt-grade plastic clips (reversible for use behind driver and passenger seats) lock PupSaver in place and integrate with seatbelt pretensioner in case of an accident to pull PupSaver safely over your dog.
  • Full polyfill throughout (no inflation required!).
  • Additional stitching, reinforced nylon backing at all attachment points.
  • Heavy-duty metal j-hooks for lower LATCH (child safety seat) anchors in the back seat.
  • New all-metal tether attachment system provides security at the base of the seat.
  • Can be used in the front or back seat.
  • Can double as a pet bed while traveling.

Product Specs:

*Please measure your car’s seat before purchasing.

  • PupSaver Petite Seat Size = 20”(seat width) x 10” (seat bottom depth) x 13” (seat back height) Note: PupSaver is a flexible product and will fit in most cars.
  • Weight = 4 lbs.
  • Seat Cover Fabric – Nylon.
  • Filling – Polyester Fiber.
  • Seat Pad Filling – Polyurethane foam.
  • Webbing – Polyester.
  • Tether Clasp/ Tether Attachment Points – Metal.


How do I use PupSaver?

The PupSaver can be used in the front or back seat and with dogs up to 30 lbs. PupSaver attaches to the seatbelt system in your car using a 5 Point Attachment System. This secures the PupSaver (and your dog) in place and locks the unit into the optimal position for impact, in case of an accident or short stop. Think of it like a rear-facing infant carseat, because that is the style of protection that we tried to emulate when designing the PupSaver.

How does PupSaver work?

The PupSaver acts like a giant catcher’s mitt, using your dog’s weight and forward momentum to “catch” and hold your pup safely at that brutal moment of impact (or even against the force of a hard stop). Your car’s own seatbelt retractor and pretensioner systems will supply the needed mechanism to hold the PupSaver against the seat back – which is the ideal place for them to be in a crash scenario. The soft, yet sturdy, material will absorb the impact and offer protection that is unmatched by harness systems, crates or booster seats. Available in Houdstooth, Gray Plaid, and  Leopard


Additional information


Houndstooth, Leopard

Product FAQ

Can I put my two small dogs (whose combined weight is under 30 pounds) in one PupSaver together?

A: Unfortunately, no. We cannot recommend that you use the PupSaver for more than one dog. We know that sometimes our smallest pups like to cuddle up together for car rides, but the truth is the they could collide with each other on impact, possibly sustaining an injury. We can’t have that on our conscience.

Q: How do I clean my PupSaver?

A: PupSaver is spot-clean only, as washing the cushion in the washing machine will cause it to become misshapen. We’d suggest wrapping a towel around the removable bottom cushion (you can wrap it around then stuff cushion back in and pull the tether through) for muddy days. The ease of cleanliness goes as follows with the colors: Leopard = easiest, as the fabric is smooth, dark and patterned. Grey plaid = second easiest, as it is again dark and patterned. Black & white will likely take a little more precaution to prevent stains because of the white checker parts. Team PupSaver likes OxyClean Pet Stain Remover. No toxic ingredients and very effective!

Q: If my dog rides in the passenger seat, should I turn off the passenger side airbag? Could the airbag hurt my dog inside the PupSaver in the passenger seat?

A: No for both. The airbag will not come close to the properly installed (see: installation video) PupSaver and if it did, it would only serve to keep the PupSaver in the seat. The PupSaver acts like a giant catcher’s mitt, and your dog is like the baseball – they travel to the pocket and are held safely.

– Here’s some helpful passenger airbag info:

Passenger airbags in newer model cars (around year 2000 and forward) have “passenger presence” systems, which are not activated until the weight or “load” of a full grown adult (between 86-100 lbs, the lowest average weight of an adult, in most cars) is registered. The weight of a PupSaver (6 lbs) with an occupant, within our limit of 30 lbs, would not approach this weight, so you are covered if your vehicle has this system. A light will usually come on indicating “Passenger Airbag On/Off” in such vehicles.

If you have an older model vehicle, with passenger airbags (which became a requirement around 1996) and the airbag deploys, it will look something like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNUTqbz7J5A As you can see, unlike a driver airbag where the airbag comes straight out, to protect the driver from the steering column, the passenger airbag comes out and up (to protect from the dashboard and windshield).

In the case of an accident, or hard stop, the PupSaver, which is belted into the passenger seat, acts like a safety net, tightening with the seatbelt retractor (and if the airbag is deployed also by the “pretensioner system”) pulling the unit into the optimal position for impact.

In either case, your dog is completely enveloped by the PupSaver’s ballistic nylon barrier. However, our recommendation is always “when in doubt” that you check with your vehicle manufacturer and find out about your passenger airbag system. In any of the above mentioned scenarios, the passenger seat should always be positioned all the way back from the dashboard before the PupSaver is installed. See bottom of our Home page for Install Instructions Video.

Q: Is PupSaver crash tested?

A: Yes. PupSaver is the only patented small dog safety car seat to pass a series of 30mph frontal crash tests at MGA, a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) contracted research lab. This crash test simulation was designed to mirror the FMVSS 213. This is the same crash test used to measure the effectiveness of child safety products. The PupSaver contained a 25-pound occupant at 30 miles per hour.

PupSaver Set-Up Instructional Video

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