MIM Safe VarioBarrier HR

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 MIM Safe VarioBarrier HR

Variobarrier is the only crash tested universal cargo barrier in the world

The new VarioBarrier HR 52114 meets the same Government Automotive Safety Crash Test Standards as all the Universal VarioBarrier product line. However, the Crash Tested VarioBarrier HR 52114 is mounted to the headrests of your 2nd row seats.

The VarioBarrier HR is designed for small to medium size Station Wagons and SUV’s. For larger vehicles, you may want to look at the Medium & large Crash Tested VarioBarrier products we offer.


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Sizing Guide

Variogate HR Sizing Guide

1 review for MIM Safe VarioBarrier HR

  1. Heike Carrel (verified owner)

    Great product! I ordered the small variobarrier and my only complaint would be that the metal piece that attaches above the bars is solid–it does not have holes to allow you to see through it and out your back window like the medium variobarrier HR appears to have. To alleviate this, I simply removed that metal piece from the bars/barrier. It is easy to detach and solved the visibility issue while still maintaining a barrier.

    Five Stars go to Mighty Mite Dog Gear! They shipped my order promptly and I received it WITHIN a week! Amazon was quoting me 2-3 months before it would ship. Thank you Mighty Mite for the swift shipment! Because of you, I was able to utilize the barrier for our road trip to an out of town obedience trial this weekend! 🙂

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