Dog Show Cart/Crate Dolly Multicart – R6 (Mini) Ground Glider

$ 179.99

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Dog Show Crate Dolly R6 with Ground Glider Wheels!


The revolutionary Multi-Carts change shape and length to carry huge amounts of gear yet fold small for storage. Designed for professionals where speed and efficiency are crucial, Multi-Carts fold small leaving more room for cargo. Multi-Carts carry everything and carry with you!

(please note that this is not an R6 RT – this is an R6 GG!)

Instantly transforms into any of 8 configurations to fit any equipment size or shape:


Dog Show Cart/Crate Dolly Multicart – R6 (Mini)

• Frame telescopes from 28″-42.5 in length
• Length: 28”
• Length Extended: 42.5”
• Width (Bed): 12.5”
• Width (Rear Wheels): 18”
• Height: 9.5”
• Height (Unfolded): 33.25”
• Front Wheels: 4” Standard
• Rear Wheels: 8” Low Profile
• Weight: 22 lbs.
• Load Capacity: 500 lbs./27 cu. ft.

MSRP: $249.98
Our price: $179.99
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Cart Size Comparison Chart

(frame bed)
(rear wheels)
Rear Wheels
R2RT (Micro)
26" 39" 11" 14" 6.5" 30.75" 4" x 1"
6" x 1.5"
15.4 lbs.

350 lbs.

/24 cu. ft.

R6RT (Mini)
15" 42.5" 12.5" 18" 9.5" 33.25" 4" x 1" 8" x 2"
22 lbs.

500 lbs.

/27 cu. ft.

R8RT (Mid)
34" 52" 13.5" 19" 9.5" 38.75" 5" x 1.25"
8" x 2"
27 lbs.

500 lbs.

/32 cu. ft.

R10RT (Max)
52" 13.5" 20" 11" 40.5"
5" x 1.25"
10" x 3"
30 lbs.

500 lbs.

/32 cu. ft.

(All Terrain)
52" 13.5" 20" 12" 41.5"

8" x 2"


10" x 3"
33 lbs.

500 lbs.

/32 cu. ft.

R14RT (Mega)


60" 15" 22" 12" 42" 6" x 1.5"
8" x 2"
35 lbs.

700 lbs.

/32 cu. ft.

R16RT (Ground Glider Max)
34" 52" 14" 20" 11" 40.5" 6" x 3" Ground Glider 8" x 3" Ground Glider 35 lbs 600 lbs. /32 cu. ft
R18RT (Ground Glider Mega)
42" 60" 14" 22" 14" 43" 8" x 3" Ground Glider 10" x 3" Ground Glider 37 lbs 700 lbs. /32 cu. ft

Cart Warranty & Reviews

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Carts that are defective can be returned to Multi-cart for a full refund or replacement.


Recent Customer Comments:

I ordered an R6 cart from your company in early January. Since it arrived, I’ve used it at several dog shows. I just wanted to let you know that I’m very pleased with the product to date. It is lightweight, compact, easy to use, and a good size for our Cardigan Welsh Corgi and all his stuff.

I did make one modification since I didn’t see this accessory offered. I attached a golf umbrella holder to the handle. It works beautifully. We live in Arizona and even though most of our events take place in spring or fall, shade is very important. (It will be in the 90s at tomorrow’s show.) Recently, we also had several people and dogs huddled around our cart at a rainy show in California. As an amateur owner/handler who doesn’t want to lug around an EZ-up just for the hour or two I spend at a show, a cart with a sturdy handle was a great solution.

Attached (picture left) is a picture of our Cardi enjoying his new ride. Thanks for such a quality product.


Mary Murphy

Gilbert, AZ


The "Queen" on her chariot
Elaine & Birkita


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