Dog Crate Fans

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Super Powerful Dog Crate Fans!

New Generation O2Cool Fans!

Choose from “Clip-on Dog Crate Fan 5 Inch Fan,” “Smart Power Rechargeable 10 Inch Fan” or the “Standard Battery or Electric Operated 10 Inch Fan”

Clip-On Dog Crate Fan 5″

Clips directly to your dog’s crate.  Has its own “shelf” with clip-on brackets.  The most powerful fan designed specifically for dog crates on the market today! Made by the experts in portable fan technology – O2 Cool!

  • 5″ portable fan
  • Fits most wire and plastic crates
  • Fits the emergency door of variocages
  • Most powerful dog crate fan on the market
  • Has its own shelf that clips directly to crate.  Sits on shelf.
    • Can also be used on the ground without shelf
    • Easy to install bracket
  • Compact folding design makes it easy to carry and store
  • Runs on 2-D batteries (not included)
  • Two speeds

Smart Power 10″ Rechargeable Fan

Smart technology, “smart chip” allows this fan to select the most energy efficient power source from what is available.
Can be used to charge your cell phone too! 

  • 10″ Rechargeable Smart Power Fan with USB Charging Port
  • Nickel Metal Hydride batteries more environmentally friendly and higher performance than Ni-CD batteries
  • Smart power Energy efficient technology, runs on built in rechargeable batteries, AC Adapter (included), Auto Adapter, or 8 D cell alkaline batteries (not included)
  • USB Power Port that will allow user to charge their favorite personal electronic devices
  • Ultra Velocity powered two speed fan
  • Pivoting fan cage for directional airflow and Handle for easy transport
  • UL Listed AC Adapter provided
  • Approximate running time: High speed: 35 hours using alkaline batteries, 3 hours using built-in rechargeable batteries Low speed: 52 hours using alkaline batteries, 4.5 hours using built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Approximate number of charges of a smart phone: Alkaline batteries: 16 times Built-in rechargeable batteries: 2 times
  • Use of USB charger will reduce running time of the fan and use of the fan will reduce the number of charges from the USB charger. Your results will vary depending on the quality of alkaline batteries used and the energy capacity of the battery in the electronic device being charged.
  • Battery doors slide open and can install 8 D batteries if needed. Compact Fan allows for easy storage and transport.

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