Mighty Mite Dog Gear

Tuffted Dog Crate Pads
(satin or cotton).

Perfect for inside crates or on top of your grooming table. Available in Pink, Blue, Purple, or Teal.

Available in 3 Sizes:

100 kennel sized

200 kennel sized
300 kennel sized

Custom Airline Crate (plastic crate) Dog Crate Covers
(price includes custom monogramming)

Give your kennel a real "show ring presence!" These custom monogrammed crate covers are hand-made and feature pockets on both sides. The perfect companion for your crate and the ideal place to store you brushes & combs. Available in red, purple, blue, or black (please provide crate measurements with your order). Fabric choices are quilted or brush twill

100 kennel sized
200 kennel sized


Custom Wire Crate Covers/ Custom Dog Crate Cover

We can make a beautiful custom wire crate cover! Made from the same quilted fabric as our quilted ringside table covers, your ringside set-up can be all uniform and beautiful!

The basic cover is shown in the picture. It consists of a left, right and back side with ribbon fasteners. Also included are pockets to stash your dog's gear. You can add a snap on door, custom monogram and even a matching quilted crate pad for additional cost!


Ice Bag Covers for Dog Shows & Ice Therapy

Mighty Mite Dog Gear is offering a wonderful solution to keeping your dog cool on hot summer dog show days! Our ice bag covers are designed so you can place your dog ontop of them and allow your dog to cool through his feet (the only part of your dog’s body where he can sweat). A super product for drop coated and brachycephalic show dogs! Reduces or even eliminates your dog’s need to pant, thus preventing him from drooling all over his furnishings right before going into the ring – no wet sticky faces!

The ice bag cover will also prevent condensation from the ice pack from wetting your dog’s under coat, while permitting the cooling action from the ice itself. Also great for ice therapy for sports injuries for show and performance dogs. You can either lay your dog on top of the cover, or drape the cover over the area that needs ice therapy. The fabric will prevent the ice pack from doing damage to your dog’s skin. Quilted nylon outer, has a silky feel that prevents static electricity and will not damage your dog’s coat. Waterproof lining and button closure. Currently available in black.

Available in three sizes (call for a quote on custom sizing).

Below: image of the inner water resistant lining where the ice pack would be placed:

Zentek pads are made from Comfortemp® fabric, which keeps the body cool when it's hot outside and warm when it's cold. For the first time Phase Change Material from Compfortemp® is available in a crate pad. So no more wet dog beds, leaking gels, heavy pads!

What is Comfortemp®?
Comfortemp® is the brand name for intelligent non-wovens, into which mPCM materials have been integrated. They interactively react to changing body or outside temperatures. Depending on the individual situation or activity level they absorb excess body heat and store it until it is needed again. This keeps your dog in the comfort zone longer.

Micro Phase Change Materials (mPCM) are contained inside a durable microcapsule, in the fabric. PCM, are substances that can change their physical state because of external forces such as temperature. The best known PCM is water. When the temperature rises above a preset level, the PCM turns from a solid to a liquid state. When the temperature drops below a preset level, the PCM reverts from a liquid back to a solid state. This process will repeat as long as the temperature crosses the preset level. The PCM inside the micro capsule changes physical state because of a rise or drop in the temperature. When the temperature rises above a preset temperature, the PCM automatically absorbs and stores the excess heat from the body, causing a cooling effect. This process turns the PCM from a solid state to a liquid one. When the outside temperature drops below a preset temperature, the PCM automatically releases the stored heat back to the body, causing a warming effect. This process turns the liquid PCM back to a solid state.

Because the PCM inside the microcapsules responds automatically to changes in the temperature, the body will remain in a comfortable temperature range longer. With the mPCM technology, your pup will stay warmer when it is cold and cooler when it is hot.

PCM technology was originally developed in the 60’s for use in NASA space suits. With the successful introduction of micro-encapsulated PCM (mPCM), this technology became available to the consumer and industrial markets. Comfortemp® nonwovens contain millions of these mPCM as is shown in the enlarged photo on the right. These mPCM are too small for the human eye to see


The Kurgo Wander Bed

A comfortable home away from home for your four legged travel companion

The Kurgo Wander Bed is complete with plenty of travel friendly features. It has a Rufftex™ bottom to keep it from slipping around in the car, a plush fleece top for comfort, and a hidden pocket to hold something that reminds your dog of home. The bed rolls up in seconds and is easy to tote with its built-in handle. It’s a bed you will be excited to roll out for your dog wherever you may find yourselves. Blue W/ Orange and Brown W/ Blue

Rolls up like a sleeping bag with a handle for easy transport
Waterproof non-slip bottom
Recycled Polygo fleece top for comfort and padding
Hidden pocket for items that smell like home
Machine washable
Available in blue with orange or brown with blue
This product is sized for medium to large dogs
Intended Use:
Car, SUV or Mini-van
(backseat or cargo area)
Camping Doghouse
Office Crates
Hotels On furniture
Product Size:
Medium – Open: 25 x 36 x 1.5” thick Rolled: 12.5 x 8” (dogs <40lbs)
Large – Open: 36 x 48 x 1.5” thick Rolled: 17.5 x 8” (dog >40lbs)




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