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Waterproof Dog Collar - Surf Dog Australia Stay Dry Collar

Can't a collar be waterproof and stylish too? Whether your dog is a dock dog, agility, flyball, hunting dog, show dog or your best swim buddy, now you can hose him down or let him make a splash without having to worry about stinky collars! Surf Dog Australia designed a line of amazing quality stay-dry collars for beach dogs, and all dogs, that are completely waterproof so there's nothing to get soggy, smelly or itchy.  No bacteria buildup means healthier happier skin too! Healthier skin means healthier coats so even show dogs can go for a dip!


Mighty Mite Dog Gear is exclusively offering these collars, once only available through import direct from Australia, here, in North America!!


  • Molded rubber - does not hold water
  • stays dry - so no stinky soggy collar
  • antibacterial so no itchy neck
  • chunky with really cool colors and sharp 3D logo's. 
  • available in 4 sizes. (Please size your dog carefully).  
  • each collar comes complete with a matching Surfdog Australia Tag.
  • Available in pink or blue


  • XS -  8" - 10"  .5" wide Available now!
  • S -  9.5"- 13.3"  .7" wide Available now!
  • M - 12.5" - 17.7"   1" wide Available now!
  • L  17"- 21.6"  1" wide Available now!


Waterproof Dog Leash - Surf Dog Australia "Radical" Surf Board Leash Stay Dry Leash (recommended for use with Surf Dog Australia Stray Dry Collar)

How is it that a leash this heavy-duty can be this sexy? Possibly the sexiest most practical leash you can buy!  Surf Dog Australia even used a clip that is used by the marine industry to secure sailors to yachts! Strong, waterproof, top-quality and fun to use too! Just pick up this leash and snap the shackle on to your dogs collar.... so easy... no fighting with mud blocked hooks. The hook is such a great feature you will find yourself just clipping it on things for the fun of it!


  • technology used by surfers
  • urethane cord with 75KG breaking strength
  • swivels at end of cord to reduce stress
  • wide comfort neoprene padded handle
  • Sand proof snap shackle made from marine grade stainless steel
  • complete with Pookey Bag and 12 poop bags
  • Available in red or blue!
  • 42" Long ("big dog" hardware)


Quick Dry Dog Harness - Surf Dog Australia Boardies (Board Short!) Quick Drying Dog Harnesses

Here's the product that opened our eyes to this amazing product line! For those of us who decided to use harnesses instead of collars for performance and companion events to save our dog's shoulders and necks from injury, there's always been the problem of what to do with the harness when it gets wet! (A even bigger problem for our dock dog lovers!). Not to mention that you can't hose a dog off in an ordinary harness without it getting stinky, slimy and musty!  Let's not talk about what it does to your dog's coat and skin (like walking around in a wet bathing suit all day! ) - Eek!

Enter the Surf Dog Australia Boardies Quick Dry Harness!

These harnesses are made out of the same fabric as board shorts and feature marine-grade steel parts! The metal used on these harnesses are made by a manufacturer that usually makes steel fittings for boats!

  • Surfdog Australia Exclusive lightweight quick dry board short fabric 
  • Super soft lining
  • Stainless steel 316* d rings. used on boats so should be good enough for us!
  • Extra body length for large dogs - not just your run of the mill design!
  • Eco-friendly super soft and strong bamboo webbing - good for the world and your surfdog
  • Available in three sizes (see sizing chart) We've got a size for most dogs!
  • Two colors - blue or pink
  • Matching leashes sold separately


  • S -   Neck 10.2"-15.7" Chest 15"-17.7"  
  • M -  Neck 15"- 17.7" Chest 19.6"-29.5"
  • L  - Neck 19.6"- 25.5" Chest 31.4"-39.3"



Quick Dry Dog Leash - Surf Dog Australia Boardies (Board Short!) Quick Drying Dog Leash (Matches Surf Dog Australia Quick Dry Dog Harness)


Matching leash to the Boardies Quick Dry Harness!

  • Surfdog Australia Exclusive lightweight quick dry board short fabric 
  • Padded neoprene leash comfort handle
  • stainless steel 316* (please see note below!)  snap shackles used on boats so should be good enough for us!
  •  Xsmall/Small is 41" long by 7/8" wide (small to medium dog clip), Medium/Large is 45" long by 1.1" wide (medium to big dog clip).
  • 2 widths to suit large and small dogs .. and pockets!
  • collars is soft and lightweight with great snap shackle with our logo - OMG! just feel the way it snaps onto your dogs collar!
  • stainless steel d ring 
  • Surfdog exclusive surfing dog design


Surf Dog Australia - Dog Beach and Bath Robes

For years, Surf Dog Australia customers in the US have been paying as much as $70 (with the shipping charges) for these amazing robes!  Now, for the first time, they are available in the United States, direct through Mighty Mite Dog Gear!

  • great for after beach or bath - quick dry and no knots or mats. Also great as a dog coat at trials where you need to get your dog unclothed quickly to get to the ring "naked"  - can be thrown over a harness or collar and quickly removed before ring time! Super for dock dogs and diving dogs post splash time!
  • quick drying lightweight micro fiber material
  • easy to throw over and tie around wriggling tummies
  • dry off your surfdog and keep your car/home sand and wet dog free!
  • cute hoodie for covering up wet ears and head
  • tail hole for your dogs comfort and to let him show the world how much he loves our robe!
  • Available in blue, pink, or yellow.  Sizes xsmall, small, medium and large



XS (toy breeds)














Length (please note this is meant to drape behind the tail)







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